Charter Boats for Cayman Billfish Rundown

Want to participate in the tournament but don't have a boat? No problem.

Below is a list of boat companies in Cayman who are available for taking out charters for the tournament.  Participants should book directly with the company and let them know you will be fishing the Cayman Billfish Rundown.

Boat Name Company Captain Name Make Length Type Rate per day (USD) Capacity Contact Status
Wild Card Captain Charlie Charters Omar Johnson Luhrs 40' Express $2,500 8 ppl 1-345-324-1178 Available
Island Boy Captain Charlie Charters Captain Charlie Luhrs 30' Tournament Walk-Around $1,800 8 ppl 1-345-324-1178 Available
Gunner Get Bent Charters Nicholas Panton Ocean Yacht 48' Flybridge TBC 10 ppl 1-345-925-6425 Booked
Big Twin Vee Stingray Watersports Duncan Heard  Twinvee 31'  Center Console $1,700 6 ppl 1-345-929-9622 Available
Tesla Stingray Watersports Duncan Heard  Twinvee  26' Center Console $1,200 6 ppl  1-345-929-9622 Available
Stingray  Stingray Watersports Duncan Heard   Newton  42' Sportfisher  $1,500  8 ppl 1-345-929-9622  Available
Reel Esea ReelEsea Charters Dwight Ebanks Bertram 31' Flybridge   6 ppl 1-345-322-2768 Available
Hit n Run Captain Asley Watersports Derrin Ebanks Luhrs  40'  Flybridge $1,700  7 ppl 1-345-949-3054  Available
Happy Hooker  Bayside Watersports Eugene Ebanks PME 60' Flybridge $2,000 8 ppl 1-345-928-2482  Available
Georgia Girl  Georgia Girl Charters Derren Berlington Luhrs 40' Express $2,200 8 ppl 1-345-321-9896 Booked
Liquid Limo Island Life Watersports Cameron Ebanks Contender 31' Center Console TBC 5 ppl 1-345-917-2242 Available
Slackem  Slackem Fishing Charters Captain John  Post 46' Flybridge $1,400 6 ppl 1-345-326-4765  Available
Heavenly Hooker Ezona's Aquatics Aldrick Jackson Bertram 34' Sportfisher $1,300 6 ppl 1-345-943-9662 Available
Cinamon Ezona's Aquatics Ezona Moore   40' Sportfisher $1,800 6 ppl 1-345-943-9662 Available
Power Trippin' Big Lex Charters Lester Purvis Hydra Sport 33' Express $1,600 6 ppl 1-345-926-4388 Available
Jus REELaxin Stress Relief Chaters Leandru Ebanks Fountain 34' Centre Console $1,800 6 ppl 1-345-938-4171 Available

Prices are in USD and are subject to change. Please contact specific companies for availability.